BULLETS OVER BROADWAY – The Private Bank Theater 17 E. Adams St. Chicago, IL 60603

BULLETS OVER BROADWAY is the hilarious musical comedy about the making of a Broadway show.

It is the story of a young playwright who, in desperate need of financial backing for his next show, accepts an offer he can’t refuse from a mobster looking to please his showgirl girlfriend. Some big laughs, colorful characters, and the songs that made the 20s roar, Bullets Over Broadway is bringing musical comedy back with a bang.

Q-tips say: OK- there are some laughs, but the first half seems disjointed and slow moving and too long. We did enjoy the second half which was about 40 mins. long and like some plays, the better half, glad we did not leave early. Mrs. Q’s favorite parts: The “Hot dog” segment, the dancing choreography, settings, and the segments of “Up the lazy River.” The “River segments” – Very funny, indeed. Loved the dance number “see the spins.” Could not relate to some of the 20’s songs. Tho we are older, just not that old that we could relate to some of the music of the 20’s. Not sure I would bring a pr-teen to see “Bullets over Broadway,” as someone did. The theater looked as tho it has not been kept up as well as other theaters in Chicago and the stairs by the seating area are a bit bizarre as they are very narrow, steep and very little room to maneuver yourself. All in all “ok.” The lead female role had a winy, person who, at times, can be annoying. One can act like the “dumb blonde” with a winy voice but can speak clearly.

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