Death Row The Scottsboro Boys 8/2016

Death Row The Scottsboro Boys – Raven Theater – 2009 Raven Theatre Company, 6157 N. Clark Street, Chicago, (773) 338-2177 raventheatre.comPARKING: they have their own lot & it is FREE but make sure you get there early enough to get a space since there are a limited # of spaces.

Nine African-American teenagers falsely accused in 1931 of assaulting two white Alabama women spent decades in the legal system fighting for their lives. They return from eternity to our stage, where they keep their story alive through songs, a magic act, skits and soft shoe – all to convey the tawdry show that their case became.

Q-Tips say: Another great play and at a local, walk to, playhouse. Excellent acting, dancing, & some very funny skits that uses the format of a vaudeville show by very talented people. Hurry, it is scheduled to close 8/27/2016. Run time: 2 1/2 hours with a 10 min. intermission.

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