GOLDFISH – The Greenhouse Theater Center Chgo 7/2015

GOLDFISH The2257 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614, (773) 404-7336,

Q-Tips say: Liked it and also liked the “easy free parking at the former “Children’s Hospital parking lot”. Mrs. Q enjoyed it more than Mr. Q. Mrs. Q always is amazed by the sets in theses smaller theaters and how well they can easily move through the story.

A young man takes it upon himself to care for his father by paying his rent for 6 months, arranges for the father to go for groceries with an account so he doesn’t have to worry about his money for groceries. All he asked of his father is to pay attention to the mail for bills and NOT cash his monthly retirement check till he returns for the holiday as that is what he will pay for his tuition. He goes as far as to have a jar of quarters put aside for the father to easily do his laundry without worrying about getting change. The young man goes off to college, meets a inquisitive young woman, well you know the rest of that story. Doing well in college the young man gets a call from the college administration telling him his father is not going to pay his tuition. Goes home to find that his father has been drinking and gambling and got himself in a fight due to money he owed someone. Their relationship escalates from there.

The young man goes to his lady friends mother(great acting here by the mother) to ask her hand in marriage and to his surprise she says, “NO”. Having not had a happy marriage herself, does not want that for her daughter. His father tells him NOT to worry about him and get on with his life.

Is the father just a gambler/drinker, or does he have issues with Alhiemer’s since he can’t remember things?

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