Hillary & Clinton

Hillary & Clinton-Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, 2433 N Lincoln Ave., Chgo, 17738713000

HILLARY & Clinton – Imagine that in an alternate universe, very much like our own, is another world where a woman named Hillary is trying to become president of a country called the United States of America. In no-holds-barred glimpse a hotel room in New Hampshire in 2008, Hillary is poised to lose her last Primary Election. When her husband Bill arrives in the middle of the night to offer support, he turns the campaign upside down. Hillary and Clinton is fast paced-no holds barred glimpse into a political storm of another world.

Q-tips say: Was different but not the best play we have seen. More about the characters than just about “Hillary.” Was Hillary sincere about forgiving/working it out w/Bill after all his indiscretions or was it just so they could stay together so they can climb the political ladder?

Mrs. Q says: My answer: To climb the political ladder and also so Bill can do speaking engagements to raise $$$$ for them and the campaigns. Don’t forget, Hillary said, “they were nearly broke when he left the office of the President of the US.” REALLY??? What a couple!

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