LINDA Vista – Steppenwolf Theater 5/2017

LINDA Lista –  Wheeler is 50. His marriage is over, his job is mundane, and the best years of his life appear to be behind him. A move from the cot in his ex-wife’s garage to his own apartment opens up new possibilities for love and sex—complicated, painful and hilarious. Full of opinions, yet short on self-examination, Wheeler must reconcile the man he has become with the man he wants to be.  Linda Vista includes nudity and frank depictions of sex. May not be suitable for people under 18. If you have any additional questions about content, age-appropriateness or stage effects that might have a bearing on patron comfort, contact the theater. Steppenwolf Theater – 1650 N. Halsted St., (312) 335-1650.

Q-tips say: Was OK. Did a good depiction of how messed up Wheeler really was. Yes, there was nudity, sex, but so? People have sex. This was a matinee and from the crowd, some where dozing, so?

Mrs. Q says: It shows the struggles what most people go through when they are 20, 30, maybe 40, but he was 50 – still trying to find himself & still blaming others instead of looking within himself.  One of the best moments is when he comes back to the more mature woman, who wanted a relationship with him, she tells him, “I don’t want to have anything more with you, I have more respect for myself” this is after the 20 year old pregnant left him.

It was 2 hours and one 15 min. intermission – way too long. Perhaps they added the nudity/sex to entice more people to see the play. What not sure why it was titled Linda Lista.  Mrs. Q says: He asked the mature woman he dated, who was a “life coach,” if she knew a good “coach life” he could see and she said “no.” Perhaps there are many therapists would like to get of hold of him and help him, Lord knows someone needs to assist him.