MARY PAGE MARLOWE – Steppenwolf Theatre, 1650 N Halsted St. Chicago, (312) 335-1650,

Mary Page Marlowe is an accountant from Ohio. She’s led an ordinary life, making the difficult decisions we all face as we try to figure out who we really are and what we really want. As Tracy Letts brings us moments—both pivotal and mundane—from Mary’s life, a portrait of a surprisingly complicated woman emerges. Intimate and moving, Mary Page Marlowe shows us how circumstance, impulse and time can combine to make us mysteries… even to ourselves.

Q-Tips say:GREAT play. Six different people play Mary Page Marlowe representing different stages of her life. Mrs. Q says: A note: The play does not go in chronological order so it can be unnerving to some.

If you see Mary Page Marlowe, let me know you thoughts on what do you think happened to her son?

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