Our New Girl 5/2015 – Profiles Theater

OUR NEW GIRL – Profiles Theater – 4147 N Broadway St. Chicago, IL 60613, (773) 549-1815

Strong performances by Sarah Chalcroft, & Killian Hughes. Good performances by Lane Manzer and Miriam Canfield. Mrs. Q says: As one who worked, had children, and managed a household, I could really appreciate the juggling act of the mother trying to do it all. But as was so well portrayed by Hazel, one comes to the realization you can only be really great at one profession. Being a mother is really an important job.

Wasn’t sure if I should feel sorry for Daniel because of lack of parental intervention or was it because he has some other problem. But soon the answer was clear.

I started out really disliking Richard’s character and as time went on I disliked him even more. He did a good job portraying his character to provoke such an emotion from me.

Annie, what can one say about the character Annie?

The Q’s enjoyed Our New Girl. Mrs. Q says: Does Maternal Instinct just happen or are there parents out there who regret having children, but because it is a taboo statement, don’t say it? Can women have it all where something in their lives don’t suffer?

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