PROWESS 5/2016

PROWESS – Broadway Armory Park – 5917 N. Broadway, Chicago IL – (312) 742-7502

PROWESS: A group of young Chicagoans take crime-stopping into their own hands by becoming scrappy superheroes.

Q-tips say: DON’T SEE IT – Luckily, we only spent $5.00 on this play.
Scrappy superheroes or a group of naive youngsters who decided to take the law into their own hands. However, the only one that got killed was the white kid after he sprayed an el rider after the rider reached in his coat pocket to get his cell phone. One of the main characters, the woman, was difficult to understand because she used what I would call “a black dialect,” if there is such a thing, and always seemed to be screaming.

The Q’s thought it was not well done and it seemed like “amateur hour.”

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