The House of Blue Leaves – Raven Playhouse 5/2016

The House of Blue Leaves – Raven – 6157 North Clark Street, on the corner of Clark and Granville. FREE Parking
In Queens, New York during Pope Paul VI’s 1965 visit, struggling songwriter Artie wants to be famous and feel important while his heavily medicated wife Bananas just wants to feel. Can Artie’s old high school buddy, now a Hollywood movie producer, give him a shot at the big time? Or will a blessing from the Pope do the trick? Living means more than just survival to these misfits in this insanely funny play thu June 18th.

Q-Tips say: We really enjoy local playhouse productions. Ok, Mrs. Q says:
Yes, there were some very funny moments in this play. Yes, the 3 nuns were hilarious and the main character probably is lucky that his “dopey” girlfriend went without him. However, when has it become acceptable/and funny to make fun of the mentally ill/anyone suffering from PTSD/being deaf/killing someone, nothing humorous about either. The Q’s did not pay very much for the tickets and did enjoy parts of House of Blue Leaves but really are looking forward to the Scottsboro Boys coming to the Raven in the fall.

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