The House that Won’t Stand

The House that Won’t Stand – Victory Gardens Zacek McVay Theater, Formerly the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater 2433 North Lincoln Ave. Chicago, 773-871-3000

Q-tips say: SEE IT! Enjoyed this play. An all black women cast telling the story of black women in New Orleans when black women would marry white men in hopes to have a better life for themselves and their daughters and then eventually getting all of his worldly assets including the house. A wonderful play about each daughter/the mother/the maid excellently done by very talented black women. Yes, there is a glossary in the play book explaining some of the terms that you may not know. But don’t let that concern you since the Q’s had no problem understanding anything that was said, done, sung or danced in the play.

Mrs. Q says: Was a little apprehensive about seeing this play due to dialect but her apprehension was unfounded. So many great things to say about this play, but I’d prefer to have you see it for yourself and see if you agree. Super great play. Great acting by all especially the Maid who took on the role of the old dead white guy during a seance. Super great play!

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