The Sign in Syndey Brustein’s Window 5/2016

The Sign in Syndey Brustein’s Window – Goodman Theater – 170 N Dearborn St., Chicago, (312) 443-3800,
Greenwich Village, 1964: a magnet for ideals and activism of every stripe. At its center is Sidney Brustein’s apartment, the gathering place for an eclectic group of bohemians during a time of rapid change. As Sidney gets increasingly swept up in the radical issues of the day, however, he ignores the equally dangerous tension mounting between himself and his wife Iris, the one person he holds most dear.

Q-Tips say: Was ok-nothing special. Seen other plays/movies with similar issues – trying to find oneself, working on your relationships whether couples, friends, family, etc. This particular play had every issue that one finds in today society – gays, blacks, ethnic & global issues, the only thing it did not include is the most recent one regarding “the open toilet for all” issue.

Yes, the critics seemed to love and rave about this play but the Q’s witnessed many people who left during the intermission and never came back. It can all summed up at the end of the play with a line that is on the gravestone of the the author Lorraine Hansberry who also wrote “A raisin in the sun.” The line is: “Tomorrow, we shall make something strong of this sorrow>”

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