PRINCIPAL, PRINCIPLE – WIT THEATER 1229 W Belmont, Chicago IL 60657 –
773-975-8150 –

Armed with her dreams of changing the world and eight weeks of training, Kay quits her corporate job to teach English in a Chicago public high school. She arrives to find that the copy machine, the system, and the spirits of her fellow teachers are all broken. Or are they? A dark comedy of academic intrigue.

Q-Tips and weekend Guest say: SEE IT! Enjoyed by all. A two hour play with one intermission that portrays a realistic view of the happenings of the “behind the scenes of the teacher’s lounge.” Mrs. Q says: The Q’s enjoyed PRINCIPAL, PRINCIPLE much more than the recently attended “Exit Strategy” at the Broadway Armory’s “Jackalope Theater.”

Mrs. Q says: Does racism have to poke its head into everything that is done now a days? Please! There must be other issues that can brought up other than racism. Not that the entire play “Principal, Principle” was about racism – IT WAS NOT.

Mrs. Q especially enjoyed the teacher who portrayed the older, retiring teacher and the Administrator in Principal, Principle. Outstanding acting by all the women in the play, Principal, Principle and let’s not forget the person making the “very funny but all so true school announcements.”

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