Live Twice Love Once 1/2020

Live Twice Love Once –  Emilio searches for the great love of his youth, with the help of his daughter and granddaughter. Will he be able to reconnect with this lost love before his memory fails?

Q – tips say: Was OK – enjoyed it.  Drama about facing Alzheimer’s.  Need to know: that Live Twice, Love Once is a Spanish-language film set in and around Valencia, Spain. It’s a dramatic story, incorporating comedy and irony, about a university mathematics professor after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. As the retired professor’s condition worsens, his relationship with his exasperating but well-meaning daughter and his own awareness of what is to come send him on a journey to find an early love that he’s never forgotten. Some profanity is included, mostly “f–k,” often uttered by a precocious 11-year-old. While there’s no sexuality, infidelity plays a role in the story. Wine is consumed in social settings; some drunkenness occurs at a boisterous wedding. For English-speaking audiences, the film is available on Netflix, either translated (dubbed) into English or with English subtitles.