Rip’s Tavern– 311 N Main Ave, Ladd, IL 61329 (815) 894-3051,  Accepts Credit Card: Yes, but has an ATM machine Parking: Street- not a problem. Attire: Casual, Good for Groups: Yes,  Good for Kids: Yes, Takes Reservations: No, Delivery: No, Take-out: Yes, Full Bar.

Q-Tips say:  Go and Enjoy! Went with long time friends. Doing this Chicken run for 12 years now and counting. Yes, it is a little less than an hour from Chicago to Shorewood and then another 45 min.s to Rip’s, but worth the drive because of the chicken.
Under new owners but have been told they will serve the same recipe and menus.  They farm their own chicken and it is moist and tender. There’s no sit down menu at Rip’s. You order while standing in line: chicken strips or quarters of light or dark meat, hand-cut french fries, pickles or fried mushrooms; as an appetizer, there are “crumbs”–fried bits of batter. The chicken is superb, moist and tender, with a light delicate flaky crust.  Yes, depending on the day, there is a line waiting clear out the front door.  So grab yourself a drink and stand in line with the others and talk, wait for your turn.  The Q’s started our visit with long time friends at their home in Shorewood, Il and then drive to Rip’s.  Great friends, visit and great fun meal. Started with the Crumbles, the breaded droppings from the cooking chicken, pickles to cut the grease, an order of the mushrooms, beer and then the delicious chicken. The chicken is cooked fresh while you wait and comes pipping hot to the table over a piece of white bread to soak up the dripping, with fresh cooked fries.   No silverware, only if you ask for it, but plenty of napkins and no handy wipes.  Service is excellent & very well organized.  The cost was very reasonable.  The bill came to $25.00 aper couple. We ordered 4 orders of chicken, 2 orders of  mushrooms, pitcher and two pitchers of beer.  One of the least expensive and tasty meals we had in a long time.

Mrs. Q says:  The crumbles and pickles starters would not be everyday eating for me but our once a year visit to Rip’s is a treat.  Looking forward to next year!  Glad I don’t have a cholesterol test tomorrow. Eating a lot of Chicken lately, afraid I might start to Cluck or lay an egg! Same time next year with these wonderful friends.

A bit of History:
“Rip” Gualandri founded the tavern in 1936, and “there have been lines clear back to the corner” a block away for four decades. “If you’re in a hurry it’s not the place to come.”  Has always been inexpensive “Cheap and good. Still is.”  Rip’s is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for private parties. Other days it’s open only for dinner, but the restaurant still goes through 4,000 pounds of chicken and 3,000 pounds of potatoes a week.

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