ELVIS and NIXON – On Dec. 21, 1970, one of the most popular men in the world met one who would soon be among the more loathed, shaking hands and trading small talk. During this weird Oval Office summit, Elvis Presley (the beloved) trash-talked the Beatles as un-American and Richard M. Nixon (the other guy) handed out souvenirs to the King’s courtiers. Nixon didn’t write about this encounter in his memoirs, but a photograph of him smiling while shaking hands with Presley is the most requested item from the National Archives — a bigger hit than even the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

It was an improbable meeting of suspicious minds, instigated by Presley’s desire to be a “federal agent at large,” which would give him a badge that, Priscilla Presley later wrote, he thought would allow him to travel freely with guns and drugs. Presley personally delivered his request, handwritten on American Airlines stationery, to the White House, and a presidential aide pitched the get-together to the chief of staff, H. R. Haldeman: “If the president wants to meet with some bright young people outside of the government, Presley might be a perfect one to start with.” Mr. Haldeman was dubious. “You must be kidding,” he scribbled on the letter, though he did sign off on the visit.

Q-Tips say: Liked it. Very funny moments. Based on a true story and great acting by Kevin Spacey as Nixon and Michael Shannon as Elvis. Roles that are soooo different from other roles. A refreshing change from some movies with killing, blood, racial overtones, etc. Yes, the theater was filled with older types – the younger generation probably won’t care about Nixon and Elvis. Might not even know who Nixon is. SEE IT, you will enjoy the movie Elvis and Nixon. Mrs. Q says: Many great, funny moments especially when Nixon says: Great! I’m the President of the free world and I’m taking orders from a Sophomore in college (his daughter) regarding seeing Elvis and getting his autograph.

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