The STINKING ROSE – San Francisco CA 12/2014

The STINKING ROSE (A garlic Rest.) 325 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA 94133, b/t Broadway St & Vallejo St in North Beach/Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, (415) 781-7673,

Q-Tips say: If you like garlic, and we do, this is a must do in San Francisco.
Good food, drinks, and service. Everything has garlic,. They even have garlic ice cream and a garlic wine. We have come here just about every time we visit S.F. They have been around a long time. The garlic dishes we had were not overwhelming and perfectly done. They will serve the same dish without garlic – so they aim to please the customer and entrees are reasonable priced. Mrs. Q says: Yes, during prime cooking time, you can smell the restaurant a block away (that’s a good thing).

BAGNA CALDA Garlic Soaking in a Hot Tub, garlic cloves, oven-roasted in extra virgin olive oil & butter with a hint of anchovy. A wonderful treat for spreading on house-baked focaccia bread, served at your table in an iron skillet and enough for all to share.

Garlic Braised Boneless Short Rib, and garlic encrusted Baby Back Ribs, both $23.95, and a Pasta Dish. All we could say is: Deeeeelicious!!!

Servings were large and asked to take home the remaining delicious morsels.
Mrs. Q says: So if you enjoy garlic, or not, try “The Stinking Rose”.
There is also a “Stinking Rose” in Beverly Hills CA.

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