HOB NOB REST., Brevard NC 10/12/2014

HOB NOB Sun 10/12/2014 226 W Main St., Brevard, NC 28712 (828) 966-4662, hobnobrestaurant.com

Q-Tips say: EXCELLENT FOOD, DRINKS(full bar and Wine and Beer), SERVICE and Ambiance. Our Waitress/and a Male Waiter had no name tags but Mrs. Q thought, the name might be on the bill but it was not – therefore, I specified the date on this review – to praise them in their service.

Ordered our drinks but Mrs. Q was told they ran out of cherries. The male waiter ran next door and got cherries for her drink. That was way beyond the call of duty. Mrs. Q laughed and expressed her gratitude.

Both Q’s ordered the Mushroom Soup and the “Special Fish of the Day”. Trout sauteed with a light Lobster Cream Sauce with grits or rice and sauteed spinach. Unlike other restaurants, there was real crab meat in the sauce. The soup and entree were outstanding. They also serve complimentary warm bread with an olive oil dipping sauce.

The service is great and kudos to the waitress and waiter who waited on the Q’s on that Sunday evening.

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