Life on Paper at Jackalope Theater 6/2019

Life on Paper – Jackalope Theatre  – 5917 N. Broadway. – Edgewater, (773) 340-2553,

Presenting  the hilarious and heartfelt play about the value of life and the infinity of the soul.

After his proof for the Riemann Hypothesis (one of the world’s last great math puzzles) disastrously flames out, Mitch Bloom, a brilliant mathematician finds himself working as a consultant using complex algorithms to set the value of human lives in wrongful death cases. His knack for de-valuing lives has made him the darling of the insurance companies, but what will he do when the wrongful death of a billionaire philanthropist crosses his desk, and the future of a small town hangs in the balance?

Q-tips say: OK. Mrs. Q says: “Life on Paper” sounded better on paper than it actually was. Mrs. Q thought there is a bit too much “naval gazing.”  Clever how they move the sets throughout the play. A playhouse we can walk to.

After the Theater, we walked across the street to Cellars Bar & Grill for dinner 🙂 Mrs. Q says: the Salmon was delicious along with the Caesar Salad. The Mr. had a Pork Chop and shared the Caesar Salad.

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