A2- Lead your company/ team, Learn about #Conversational Leadership and grow.

Heroic Voice Academy by Sean  9/2/2020–     Sean Adams
Often keynote presenters forget there are human beings in the audience and focus more on the message and less on the audience. This is a mistake, always start with creating connection with the audience.
I love the opportunity to get on stage and share an important global impact mission with a large audience.
Especially when I am able to take the time to really create connection so my message is not just heard by the audience, but I am connected with them and they are inspired and empowered to create their own global impact.
Sean Adams shared a post: Right now there is a lot going on in the world. Http://www.YourHeroicVoice.com We are still in Covid. Kids are going “back to school”. The crazy heat wave here in California. The democratic convention is about to start preparing for the November Election. There are still protests. Some police departments are seeing a mass exodus in staff. etc. When you have an offering that can help “everyone” how do you be all things to all people during all of this. The Answer? – You don’t. Just be yourself. The right people who need the right things from you will find you if you stay true to a clear vision, your values and hold to your vows and consistently show up! #communicationskills #communicationtraining #elevatorpitch #beaheroicvoice #communications #leadership #leadershipdevelopment
Heroic Voice Academy by  Sean    8/5/2020
When you are in conversation do you answer exactly the question you are asked or do you take the time to really listen and answer they “Real Question” being asked?
Heroic Voice Academy

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It is important when you are in conversation with someone to be able to listen carefully for the “Real Question” being asked and answer that, and not the question being asked.
People are not always good at formulating the question to illicit the answer they want, so it is up to you to listen carefully and reply accordingly.
How well do you listen for the “real Question”? let me know in the comments below!
Heroic Voice Academy by Sean  8/4/2020
Here at heroic Voice we believe in getting in the communications training gym every day so we are prepared for any conversation any time, no matter what may come up.
Heroic Voice Academy
Here at heroic Voice we believe in getting in the communications training gym every day so we are prepared for any conversation any time, no matter what may come up.
Specific friends
Heroic Voice Academy
Do you need to have important conversation that need to get an outcome at the end?
I already know the answer is yes.
So join us for our one day training in August.
Be a Heroic Voice: August 25 Virtual Training

Join Sean: on Tues. 25 August – 7:00 AM PDT

Be a Heroic Voice: August 25 Virtual Training
Design the future with Conversational Leadership
Join Sean:

How Leaders Communicate Trust

Master Conversational Leadership skills to create connection, build relationships, and generate ROI

LinkedIn’s “Emerging Jobs Report” cites three leadership skills essential to the future of work: Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration.

Our 1-day MasterClass in Conversational Leadership elevates your skill sets in Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration:

  • Compose messages that communicate trust.
  • Deliver messages that create connection.
  • Build long-term relationships with stakeholders.
  • Generate presentation ROI to fuel your mission.

You will learn how to:

  • Use active listening skills to identify the “Real Question” being asked
  • Organize a personal library of your knowledge, skills and experiences
  • Use storyboards to answer core leadership questions
  • Deliver your messages with professional speaking skills
  • Connect with the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Deliver presentations that generate money, support and positive reputation

Over the course of the day, our executive communications coaches will provide:

  • Accelerated learning tools to optimize learning and maximize retention
  • Experiential exercises to fast track your mastery of new content
  • Professional-level feedback to fine tune your message delivery skills

By the conclusion of the program, you will:

  • Compose a Personal Introduction. Effectively communicate your personal brand in conversations with key stakeholders.
  • Discover your Communication Profile and learn how to relate to the various communication profiles in your audience.
  • Compose one Leadership Presentation (Training Presentation, Sales Presentation, Company Town Hall Presentation) to elevate your reputation.
  • Learn Professional Speaking Skills (Connection Triangle framework) and consistently create connection with your audiences.
  • Network and collaborate with fellow Global Impact Leaders to accelerate your path to achieving your mission.

The capacity of your mission depends on the capacity of your voice. Develop your Heroic Voice into an instrument of change and take on any mission of global impact.

FYI – How to lead your company, team, Learn about #ConversationalLeadership and grow.

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