The Year Between

Inspired by true events, THE YEAR BETWEEN is the story of Clemence Miller, a college sophomore who is forced to move back home after having a mental breakdown. Faced with a surprising diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a jarring return to the Illinois suburbs, Clemence has to learn how to live with her well-meaning but frustrated family and find balance in a world that seems hellbent on thwarting her.

Parents: Intense drama about mental illness has language, sex, drugs. Not for little ones but for adults & teens around 15 + is ok.

Q tips say: Thought it might be a good movie about a young college lady suffers from bipolar disorder. It’s hard to describe bi-polar disorder, but this movie manages to make it a story. By giving us a solid take on the what living with ADHD in its ugliest forms is like, both for the sufferer and those who suffer with her this movie can’t help but be a public service.

Mrs. Q says: The Year Between is a great watch for families who want to learn more about living with mental illness. It could be mildly triggering for some, especially if they have bipolar disorder, but on the whole, the film offers a lived-in look of this disorder.

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