Falafel & Kebab rest.

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1133 W Granville Ave., (773) 654-1326, falafelkebab.com

First time visit. 11/3/23

Q-tips say: Wanted to try their food but they don’t serve liquor/wine/or beer. BYOB & was told there is not corkage fee. Decided to order out & have our own Happy Hour at home with Falafel/Kebab food.

Q-tips say: Q’s were NOT impressed with Falafel Kebab.

Had our usual libations at home Old Fashion & Perfect Manhattan.

Mrs. Q had: Beef Shawarma Plate – Thinly sliced beef & lamb, cooked on a slow rotisserie. Served with rice, salad, Hummus & pita bread.

Mr. Q had: Gyro Plate – Shaved roast lamb & beef served with onions tomatoes,  rice, salad, Hummus & pita bread.

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