Max & Me

Lily Bleu Andrew in Max and Me (2020)

An awkward teenage boy falls in love with the girl next door, only to discover that she passed away the year before from cystic fibrosis.

Q-tips say:  Yes, watch it. It has so much heart makes you laugh & cry at the same time. I highly recommend people to watch it. You will not be disappointed. A movie that stays with you well after its finished.

 The story is about a careful ghost whispering young boy that has traveled and moved around the world, having no real friendship with anyone, a loner, but full of fun and spirits he is. The here say came upon him that the neighbours do have a kid at the same age as him. He spots this young girl and starts a distance relationship at first, that evolves into something more serious as the time passes by. But the fact is that this young girl passed away a year ago due to CF, so in reality he is talking to a ghost for everyone around him, he communicates loudly with himself, to great concerns of his parents.

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