Oh My Dog

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Young Arjun rescues a blind Siberian Husky puppy and decides to train him for a competition with his father and grandfather. Arjun is this small kid studying in Ootty. He lives with his father Shankar, his mother Priya, and his Grandfather. One day Arjun gets this Siberian Husky dog, who is blind. Knowing how his parents will react, Arjun decides to keep Simba (the pet) secretly. The events that happen in Arjun’s life after the entry of Simba are what we get to see in this film.

Netflix & use subtitles.

Q-tips say: Great movie. We enjoyed watching OH MY DOG.

The conflict in the child’s world and how he tries to detangle from it with his strength is cute & interesting.

Mrs. Q says: NOT sure this a movie for the “Little Ones.” There are scenes that are disturbing. Father hitting the child/grandpa – a very grumpy Grandpa. One school official “A Mr. know it all.” Also, the two men who want to kill the dog because he is blind. Highlights are: how the children bond together to help Arjun & Arjun hides the dog &how the family resolves their situations.

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