D. Fun day at Sea – Day 3

At Sea – 

We decided to get a drink at our favorite watering hole – Atrium bar where they were playing 60’s & 70’s music.  Decided to dance when the “Twist song” was playing. It turned to be a “Twist Dance Contest.”  A member of the band came up to Mrs. Q and said, “he had his money on us.”  The organizer took 3 couples aside and ask questions: Names, where are you from and how long have we been “Twisting.”  Well, the music began and the audience were the judges.  Well, we won the “Twist Contest.”  We won “T shirts” that said,  “Feel free to call me a Champion.”   A bottle of Champagne, a pen.  The other couples got “T” shirts.”

After that people would stop us and say, “you are the ones who won the “twist contest.”  Our one moment of celebrity.

Yes, we did enjoy the Champagne. I was glad we won and did NOT break any body parts while doing this!

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