Ancient Aliens

A series: Exploring theories regarding supposed alien visitations involving ancient civilizations on the History Channel. A series so you don’t have to watch all at once.

Mrs. Q says: No matter what you think about ancient aliens in our backyard – is just so thoroughly detailed and so nuanced you have to appreciate and wonder at the sheer production value that goes into the episodes. Mrs. Q says: She liked this series. See it! Was Johna really swallowed by a whale??? See what one person thinks. Even tho they never actually verify some of the events they speak of, Mrs. Q still liked it.

  1. The Evidence: The legacy of aliens and speculation that alien technology inspired modern inventions are explored. Included: ancient Indian texts describing flying machines; and Egyptian megaliths that show evidence of precision saws.

2. The Visitors: Examining early evidence of aliens and the influence of the supposed visitors. Included: Hopi and Zuni costumes; Chinese legends that could be about a spacecraft.

3. The Mission: The mission of aliens and evidence that may hold the clues are explored. Included: Sumerian tablets describing aliens who came to Earth to mine for gold; Egyptian hieroglyphs; and crop circles.

4. Closer Encounters: UFO sightings depicted in visual and written accounts are examined. Included: a 13th-century book describing a flying craft over Bristol, England; a log entry from Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America recalling strange lights in the sky; and medieval art showing disk-like objects floating in the sky.

5. The Return: Stories of alien encounters in the 20th century are examined, including speculation on future contact and the protocol regarding forms of communication. Included: the famous Roswell incident.

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