Single mother Julie (César Calamy) works a grueling job as a head chambermaid in a five-star Parisian hotel. Julie’s daily balance of commuting from her remote suburb into Paris, tenuous childcare and search for a new job to get her out of debt, becomes unmanageable during a paralyzing transport strike in Paris. Literally running from dawn to sunset to get to her job and back home in time to fetch her children, Julie is constantly on the verge of a breakdown.

Q-tips say: Was good but a tad slow at time. Each night, Julie dreams that she’s drowning. Water fills her ears and presses down on her chest. But when she wakes – jolted out of a bone-tired slumber by her alarm – the reality is not so different. A single mum of two children, with debts mounting and her ex-husband missing along with his alimony, she is barely keeping afloat. Her childcare options are running out; her job, as the head chambermaid at a five-star hotel, is stressful; her commute, from a Paris suburb to the centre of the city, is precision-timed. And just when she thinks there’s a chance of a new opportunity – an interview for a much better job – a strike paralyses the entire transport network. Some might relay that sometimes it’s difficult to be on time when we need to rely on public transportation to arrive at our destination. The movie tells a story that many viewers might able to relate to on an intensely personal level.

You might enjoy it. Some reviews show that the audience & movie critics did enjoy this movie.

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