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5940 N Broadway Chicago, IL – (773) 769-2900,

10/26/23 – Our first visit to Brasserie.

Open from: Thurs. to Sun. from 4:00 till 11:00.

Q-tips say: We were really looking forward to go to Brasserie because it is a relatively new rest. in Edgewater, Chicago.

Well, it was nothing special – a tad disappointing. Loud music & no one else in the rest.

Mrs. Q went on Open Table to make a reservation, she saw that they require you to put your charge card info & charge you $3.00 per person to make your reservation. Never had that before with any other restaurant. Did not make a reservation. We just walked in without a reservation. Their Brasserie Fall Tasting Menu is $80 per person – pre paid.

On one of their internet menus they offer Filet Carpaccio – which is what we went there for but we were told they don’t have it due to change of season menu. Mrs. Q politely suggested that perhaps they should correct their internet menu.

Our dinner choices: Bread and Butter $10.00 – House made sourdough of the day with butter – was decent. Each Q had: French Onion Soup $12.00 – Imported Gruyere, house made sourdough crouton, double stock & Duck, Duck, Goose Spring Roll $26.00 – Duck confit, Bella Farms Foie Gras, cabbage, pickled vegetables, plum sauce. Our server/hostess told us that we get 3 Spring Rolls each but each Q got only 2 Duck Goose Spring rolls each.

Had our usual drinks: Old Fashion & Perfect Manhattan – they were ok. When the manager asked if we wanted wine, Mr. Q asked if they have a white wine for Happy Hour. They only have their special wines & their special drinks for their Happy Hour & 1/2 off a Red Wine only on Sunday. Passed on the wine.

There was no one else in the rest. until later another couple sat at the bar & after talking for a while then began to argue with each other. We were finished eating & asked for our check & don’t think we will go back again.

House-made Bread and Butter - Brasserie by C&C, Chicago, IL
House made sourdough of the day with butter
French Onion Soup
17 Duck Spring Rolls Stock Photos, High-Res Pictures, and Images - Getty  Images

Duck Goose Spring rolls.

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